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Faculty Advisors

Our faculty advisors are:

  • drs. A.R.M (Richard) Gigengack
  • dr. J.A. (Liane) Voerman

Richard Gigengack

Faculty of Economics and Business

Department of International Economics and Business

University of Groningen

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As a Faculty Advisor with SIFE Groningen for the past 4 years, I have always been impressed with the eagerness and commitment with which students devised and implemented their projects, which involved both local and international target groups. Their selection of project themes reflects a keen awareness of and empathy for societal issues, as well as the conviction that focusing on the development of basic commercial skills can help play a role in dealing with them. Their team spirit and willingness to cooperate not only within a project but across projects contribute to their success, as demonstrated by their winning the "Spirit of SIFE Award" during the National Competition in 2008.

Liane Voerman

Faculty of Economics and Business

Department of Marketing

University of Groningen


Dr. J.A. Voerman is a lecturer at the department of Marketing at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Groningen. Here she is both the coordinator of the master Marketing, and the lecturer of various master and bachelor courses, such as Retail Marketing, Services Marketing and International Marketing. Besides, she is a lecturer at the Academy for Management, where she takes part in various practitioners' courses.

As a faculty advisor for SIFE I try to facilitate the members in getting the projects done on a higher level. By using the network of fellow teachers and by brainstorming on the various projects I try to back up the students. Although SIFE Groningen has still potential to grow, I think that the present members thought of very relevant and interesting projects that are close to my heart and can make a difference. Look for instance at the project on young teen mothers or the project for deaf young women in Tanzania. The empowerment of people is an important topic in our society nowadays, and I am very proud that our students are so involved in making the world a little bit better.